About MIX

About MIX


  • Electronics and Communications Engineer graduated from University of Panama (1998-2004).
  • Film Producer graduated from International School of Film and Television of CUBA (EICTV 16th Generation, 2004- 2007).

Started making historical documentaries for the Interoceanic Panama Canal Museum. Has produced several short films in S16mm, independent documentaries and TV series.

One of her fiction films as a Producer called “A RIFF for Lázaro” (EICTV & London Film School) has been selected in several International Festivals in Latin America and Europe. Since 2008, she is NGOBEFILMS’s Executive Producer and Coordinator of “LA RUTA” (a documentary film about public transportation) lately granted by IBERMEDIA and CINERGIA Fund Programs.

In 2009 she has been Delegated Counsellor by MNCVB (Movimiento Nacional de Cine y Video Boliviano) on IBERMEDIA’s Program Project selection by CONACINE / Bolivia.

She works as International Advisor and Project Designer for BOLIVIALab. (2009,2010,2011) Film Production Workshops in La Paz City, BOLIVIA. Some part of the year, she is commited as a Teacher of Project Design and Documentary workshops for diverse Bolivian and Peruvian communities.



MOBILE: (+507) 6210 3128

SKYPE ID: pitbullpty


  • PRODUIRE AU SUD. Atelier de formation à la Co-Production International / Workshop for International Film Co.Production (Nantes, FRANCE 2008 )
  • MIRADAS MARKET. International Documentary Film Festival MIRADAS DOC (Guía de Isora, Canarias, SPAIN 2008)
  • Seminario La Creación y las Leyes en el Cine Latinoamericano organized by EICTV Film School, FNCL and UNEAC (Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba) (Havana, CUBA 2008)
  • CONCURSO DE GUIONES INÉDITOS, Festival Internacional de Cine Pobre (Gibara, CUBA 2008)
  • 2do Diplomado Internacional en Producción Cinematográfica Iberoamericana supported by IBERMEDIA Program (Panama City, PANAMA 2008)
  • Visionary Campus Guadalajara. Documentary Workshop supported by Guadalajara’s Film Festival and Berlinale’s Talent Campus (Guadalajara, MEXICO 2008)
  • 4to Encuentro Iberoamericano de Co.Producción Cinematográfica (Guadalajara, MEXICO 2008)
  • NUEVAS MIRADAS. Project Market for Young Producers (Havana Film Festival, CUBA 2007)
  • Iberoamerican Films Crossing Borders (Guadalajara, MEXICO 2008)
  • 6th BERLINALE’s Talent Campus / Talent Project Market (Berlin, GERMANY 2008)
  • MORELIA LAB. Workshop for Iberoamerican Producers (Michoacán, MEXICO 2007).



  • BOLIVIA Lab. 2009 – International Advisory and Project Designer at 1st Iberoamerican Producers Workshop and Co.Production meetings ( Ciudad de La Paz, BOLIVIA 2009).

  • Delegated Counsellor by MNCVB (Movimiento Nacional de Cine y Video Boliviano) on IBERMEDIA’s Project selection by CONACINE / Bolivia, 2009.

  • Workshops given in BOLIVIA 2009:

  1. Fundación Andrés Bello (2 weeks / 40 hours)
  2. Universidad Franz Tamayo (2 weeks / 12 hours)
  3. Bolivia Lab. (2 weeks / 12 hours)
  4. Escorzo Producciones (2 weeks / 32 hours)
  5. Escuela de Cine de EL ALTO (2 hrs Class)
  • AL OTRO LADO DEL MAR – Production Service. Long Feature Documentary film Dir. by Gonzalo Ballester (SPAIN, MEXICO, PANAMÁ, CUBA 2008- 2009).

  • LA RUTA – Production Service. Long Feature Documentary film Dir. by Pituka Ortega Heilbron (PANAMÁ 2008- 2009).

  • RUMBA SOLAR – Production Service. Feature Documentary film in Development Dir. by Rémi Borgeaud (CUBA 2008 – 2009).

  • LA ISLA – Production Service. Documentary Film. Dir. by Raúl de la Fuente and Igor Otxoa    www.nomadaktx.com (Havana, CUBA 2007).

  • 5th International Jewish Film Festival, Production Service (Mexico City, MEXICO 2007).

  • SERES Génesis – Sci-Fi Film. 2nd 2nd Director Assist. on Mexican 1st movie shot with 4K RED ONE technology. (Monterrey, MEXICO 2007).

  • CAFÉ PARAISO, Dir: Alonso Ruiz Palacios, Fiction 35mm. Sound Assistant. (México City, MEXICO 2007).